Thank You (2016–2017)

We want to thank everyone who came out for our fabulous concerts in the October 2016-June 2017 seventh season! Carroll Café has offered, and will continue to offer an unparalleled experience of community and gifted musicians to make Carroll Café something so much larger than we could have ever imagined. We continue to marvel at the the unique feeling of joy and deep camaraderie which permeated the air whenever we came together to celebrate live performance.

We want to offer our thanks to the volunteers whose unstinted devotion makes Carroll Café a welcoming and lyrical venue, and our guests for coming out and supporting live music!

Our area is a rich music environment. Please support live roots music and the musicians who make it; Common Ground on the Hill in Westminster, MD.   has offered us all 23 years through the annual Roots Music & Arts Festival, July 8, (Guy Davis will be the headliner. Guy will also appear at Carroll Café in our eighth season!) and Traditions Weeks workshops June 25-30, and July 2-7, 2017; Institute of Musical Traditions and Folklore Society of Greater Washington concerts, some of which happen in Seekers Church space; and Focus Music.